Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Business' are committed to achieving and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, free from the hazards and risks associated with substance misuse and/or abuse, to ensure it protects the interests of the company, its workers and the wider community.


Drugsmart offer tailored services to clients for both drug and alcohol testing. We suggest that workers must not be in the workplace with concentrations of any prohibited drug in their body systems at or above the cut-off level for that drug, as prescribed in the table below.

Screenshot 2018-09-12 18.05.07.png

If a worker is taking any form of general medication/s, such as over the counter and/or prescription medication, that carries a warning that it may impair or impact on normal functioning, they should not commence or remain at work if they believe they are unable to safely carry out their normal duties.

It is suggested that business' shall conduct random, targeted and post accident / serious injury drug and alcohol testing of all workers in the workplace; and pre-employment drug testing for all staff, as part of the Health Standards for recruitment.

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