Detection Times in Saliva & Urine

Below is a list of the detection times as indicated by Drug Smart Urine and Saliva Drug Tests. The Cut Off Levels of the Drugwipe, Statswab, Oratect and other devices will vary the detection time between 10 Minutes to 1 Hour. 

Below is a list of substances as listed in the Australian Standards along with the corresponding thresholds or "cut off" limits. 

The reporting level / Immunoassay screning test is the level that urine tests are calibrated to and will be what most drug tests can detect, any amount below this can not be detected by testing kits and will require a Mass Spectrometry Confirmation. These confirmations are used when an initial drug test brings back a positive result, it should be noted that if a mass spectrometry test is required it may also turn up results which were previously undeteced by the initial test.

Urine Drug Detection Time