Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile Drug Testing is a government initiative to help deter and reduce the number of drug affected drivers  getting behind the wheel. Mobile Drug Testing is conducted in conjunction with Random Breath Testing and is set to increase from 100,000 to 200,000 tests annually by the year 2020. 

If an illegal drug is detected in your saliva you may face serious penalties with fines up to $1,100 and a minimum three month licence disqualification for first time offenders. If you are found guilty on subsequent occasions fines exceed $2,000 and minimum six month licence disqualification. 

Please take the time to watch Transport NSW video on Mobile Drug Testing. 

What happens when you are stopped?

When you are stopped by Police you will be first asked to participate in a breath test, providing that this breath test is negative you may then be asked to complete a DrugWipe drug screening test. This screening test will screen for the presence of the following drugs;

  • THC (The psychoactive component of cannabis)

  • Methylamphetamine (speed, ice, meth)

  • MDMA (ecstasy)

  • Cocaine

The DrugWipe test procedure is simple and will take approximately five minutes. The DrugWipe is a two piece test, a collection pad is given to the driver who is instructed to wipe over their tongue, once enough saliva is collected the pad is returned to the police officer who will then clip it to the test. The officer will then break an ampule within the device and set a timer for three minutes, if the device returns a preliminary positive in this time the driver will then be placed under arrest for the purpose of secondary drug analysis. 

The second test utilises a Drager branded device which tests for the same drugs as the initial DrugWipe screening test. This test also involves the collection of saliva which is placed into a Drager drug analysis unit. If the result is positive the driver is prohibited from driving for 24 hours and sample sent to laboratory for further analysis and court attendance notice issued.

It is important to note that even if the Drager test is negative, a sample will still be sent for laboratory analysis which may detect traces of drugs to levels undetectable by either DrugWipe or Drager tests. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions
  • What about other drugs? The roadside test cannot detect other drugs such as benzodiazepines or opiates​​ however if police suspect that a driver may be under the influence of drugs they can be arrested and ordered to provide urine / blood samples for analysis and charged accordingly.

  • What if I refuse to do the test? As with breath testing, a driver must submit to a drug test if requested. Failure or refusal to comply will result in a court attendance notice. 

  • What happens to my vehicle? In the case of a positive test for either drugs or alcohol, the vehicle will be parked in a secure location and able to be driven by another nominated driver. If you are required to provide a sample at a police station which is negative you are entitled to be driven back to your vehicle. 

  • How can I be sure I am safe to drive? In any case it is essential that you never consume drugs or alcohol before driving a vehicle, drugs and alcohol are a major contributing factor to crash risk and road trauma. 

  • Where can I get a drug test like the Police use? Unfortunately the commercial availability of the DrugWipe 3s, The initial screening test as used by police is not available for public purchase.

    • A similar test to the initial screening test is the Drugwipe5s & DrugWipe6s although these tests are sold by select business' which are not publicly disclosed by the distributor.

    • Drager drug check testing kits are highly regarded as one of the most reliable drug tests and are readily available for purchase on the internet.


Information contained herein is subject to change, any advice is general in nature and you must decide whether it it right for you.