Saliva Drug Testing = Drug driving shock

DRIVERS consuming illicit drugs now account for one third of all motorists penalised for driving under the influence on Queensland roads, shocking new figures reveal.

Almost 24,000 drivers were fined by police for driving under the influence last year – two-thirds of these were for alcohol but in a concerning new trend, one third were under the influence of drugs.

This was a significant increase from the number of drivers caught drug driving in 2014, when only 2230 people were caught driving under the influence of drugs.

Queensland police have slammed the “bloody idiots” who drive under the influence of drugs, saying they pose an enormous risk to themselves and others because they don’t understand the risks associated with drugs and driving.

Road Policing Command Inspector Keiryn Dermody said it was the increased focus by police on the use of drugs by Queensland drivers that has finally revealed the depth of the drug-driving menace.

This year Queensland police have trained more than 100 regular traffic and patrol officers across the state in the performance of roadside drug tests.

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