Drug Testing Kits - Saliva

Saliva drug testing has been around since 2000 when laboratory methods started to be used for drug testing. Since that time, manufacturers have developed rapid drug tests to determine in approximately 10 minutes or less if the donor is under the influence of an illicit drug. But none to date have been like this. With its unique, modern appearance and easy to use one-step design, this test is sure to be the next best thing in Saliva Drug testing.

Saliva based drug tests have the following advantages over urine-based drug testing:

  • Best at detecting very recent drug usage. With urine testing, you must wait for the drug to be metabolized before it will show a preliminary positive result.

  • Since collections can be observed, it is harder for the donor to adulterate the specimen.

  • Cost effective as it eliminates the need for special collection facilities. Oral Fluid (Saliva) tests can be performed anytime – anywhere.

  • Less invasive than traditional methods.

  • No shy bladder issues. The Saliva Confirm Multi-Drug of Abuse Test is a rapid lateral flow test designed to simultaneously detect up to 8 drugs of abuse in human saliva. Saliva Drug testing is a recent development in drug testing, combining rapid detection with high clinical accuracy and tamper-resistant results.

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