How to pass a saliva drug test

Oral Cleanse - Drug Smart

Are you anxious about an upcoming saliva & oral fluid drug test? Have you used drugs in the last week and you're unsure if you will pass a drug test?

Here at Drug Smart Australia we have developed a detoxifying mouthwash that WILL REDUCE DRUG METABOLITES IMMEDIATELY and leave your mouth refreshied and drug free. A large number of positive results on a Saliva Drug Test can be avoided and often only arise due to residual drug metabolites and drugs in the mouth.

Our mouthwash uses hydrogen peroxide and essential oils that work to remove drug metabolites to eliminating them from your saliva and oral cavity. Drugs can permeate deeply within the inside of your mouth and practicing excellent oral hygiene as well as using our special detoxifying mouthwash will reduce the likelihood of a false positive by 100%. The mouthwash will be available to purchase in early August 2016 and comes in a multi use size of 125ml. The mouthwash is designed to be used daily since ceasing drug use and if drug use is recommenced the mouthwash should be used again daily.

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