New Pricing - Drugwipe 5s Drug Testing Kits

Excellent News!

Drugsmart have secured a fantastic price with the manufacturer of the Drugwipe 5s allowing us to provide our customers with a more competitive pricing schedule for this drug testing kit.

This deal will come into affect over the coming weeks and pricing, as always, will still be including of postage and handling, something our competition does not offer. Our prices are also the final prices so what you see before checkout is the same price you'll see after checkout.

The drugwipe will be on sale at $60 which is down from $70, a saving of $10 which is a great saving. The drugwipe is a hugely popular drug testing kit and is used all around the world due to its reputation for being one of the best drug testing kits on the market.

We are excited to pass on this deal and savings to you, our customers.


Andrew Sarson

Drugsmart Sales Manager

Drugwipe 5S

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