So you're looking to buy a drug testing kit and in your research you've stumbled across "testing levels" or "drug detection levels", Cutoff levels" and are wondering which one is closest to the test I want? I will break it down for you plain and simple.

SAlIVA THC Drug Test's wether they are in a single or multi drug test you want to make sure that they are testing for Delta - 9 - THC otherwise they will give you a false sense of security as the majority of saliva drug tests on the market will test for another metabolite which is different to the one tested by police and all professional drug tests, this other metabolite is most commonly found in the urine and NOT saliva. Closest to police detection level is 10 ng/ml and can be obtained using the drugWipe5s as this is the same test that the police use (although the police test omit the other drugs on the test and use a 3 drug configuration).

Urine drug tests on the other hand are quite simple and most will test to 50ng/ml, virtually all urine tests will test for the same metabolite but there is one other important aspect when considering which urine test to buy and that's making sure that it is in an enclosure rather than just a strip on its own. This is super important as the testing strips are super sensitive to touch and moisture and even just handing the strips can render them useless therefore providing incorrect results.

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