How to pass MDT?

A question I get asked a lot by customers and concerned users of medicinal marijuana is "what if the police drug test me?", "how do I pass MDT?".

The answer is simple, don't use drugs and drive! Right? Well unfortunately this cannot be the case for some people but rest assured there are a few simple measures you can take that will significantly reduce the likelihood of testing positive on a police MDT.

For this case we will be discussing THC (marijuana) and police drug testing kits, how they work and what affects results. Firstly, saliva drug tests which are testing for THC, like in the previous post are designed to detect Delta-9-THC. Sometimes referred to as "parent compound" delta-9-thc is considered to be the main psychoactive component of THC, typically some preparations of medicinal cannabis such as CBD oil will contain low amounts of this. When you inhale cannabis smoke you are ingesting very small particles of delta-9-thc and among others these particles enter your body through the vestibule of the mouth and eventually into your lungs where they cross into your blood and eventually binding to receptors in the brain. But we need to jump back a few steps, right back to when it is first inhaled in the mouth, for saliva drug testing this is where it all happens. For saliva a drug test this is where is all happens, we are essentially testing a surface or substance for contamination of delta-9-thc, in many cases there are small traces of the inhaled particles trapped to the inside of your mouth on the surfaces of your tongue, saliva ducts, throat etc, this is what we are testing for.

Now the issue is that some people smoke and test themselves right away and get a negative and wonder why it doesn't work, this is because the particles haven't had the opportunity to leave the other surfaces of your mouth and build up in the saliva. Over time the particles that are on the interior surfaces of the mouth, tongue, cheeks etc will begin to accumulate in the saliva and this is where drug tests come in. We are testing this saliva for the particles that have accumulated in the saliva, this is different for all people, some people have a higher turnover of saliva and will not test positive as THC will not be detected, whilst others will have THC particles lingering for a longer time.

So the steps below can help make sure that you have the highest change for passing a MDT drug test.

  • Oral hygiene - Brush your teeth, use mouthwash and when you think you're finished, do it again.

  • Use specialised mouthwashes, the kind designed for drug tests, these use ingredients that are not just designed to leave your mouth smelling pretty and contain antibacterials but also designed to help wash out these particles.

  • Chewing gums can help or they can cause you more issues because you are promoting saliva, this can help flush out THC OR it can give you more to be found in a test.

  • Drink plenty of water, this will keep the mouth moist and ensure that particles don't stay dormant on the insides of your mouth until they are washed into the saliva.

  • Give yourself enough time. It is never recommended to use drugs and then get behind the wheel, even if you feel fine there is the liklihood that your reaction time may be ever so slightly impaired and this makes all the difference when reacting to an emergency. If you have a serious accident and are found to have used drugs in the previous hours, days or even weeks this can place you into a lot of trouble even if you feel the accident was not your fault.

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