DrugWipe5s & DrugWipe6s Pulled from shelves!

For reasons still entirely unclear, Pathtech, the Australian distributor has decided to cease distributing the popular DrugWipe to retailers. The news was announced to Drugsmart management by Pathtech National Business Manager of Drug Detection Systems earlier in November however at this stage it appears that no other retailers are affected by this decision. Accompanying the news were several allegations of unauthorised use of material as well as allegations of false and misleading conduct.

'We are asking you to remove all reference to the sale of DrugWipes immediately and we will be cancelling your account'. 'We believe you are also in breach of ACCC regulations regarding the advertising of the sale of DrugWipe Twins'........'The images and information regarding DrugWipes being used on your site are also unauthorised'

The news comes as a shock after many successful years of trading with Pathtech, including the provisions of advertising support and reference material. On the surface it would appear that this tactic is a desperate attempt by the distributor to hasten the withdrawal of DrugWipe from re-sellers.

Furthermore, correspondence received from Friedrich Graf Von Westphalen & Partners, the legal team that represents Securetec, the German Manufacturer of the DrugWipe, demanded damages in excess of 10,000 euro. The tactics employed by legal representatives of Pathech / Securetec were likened to that of a "school yard bully" by Intellectual Property Expert Adrian Campbell, who reassured Drugsmart had not violated any Australian or International Laws. Dr Morton Douglas representing Securetec was quoted as saying "It is your choice to comply with the law or to spend a bucket full of cash for a real legal team". This news has spread quickly through social media platforms with many labelling the conduct of Pathtech & Securetec unethical and un-Australian. One reddit user commented "they seem more interested in turning a buck than they are promoting safety".

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