How to beat MDT in Australia

So you're wondering what it takes to pass a mobile drug test in Australia? As you may already be aware, Police throughout Australia utilise a number of Drug Testing Kits to help ascertain if the driver is under the influence of either; Cannabis (THC), Methamphetamines (Meth) or Cocaine (COC). There are two tests currently in use, the Drugwipe and Drager Drugtest, the drugwipe is a preliminary screening device whereas the Drager is a confirmatory test.

To better understand what it takes to pass mobile drug testing (MDT) in Australia you must first understand how drug testing kits work, in simple terms, they are to detect the presence of drugs in oral fluid. The drug testing kits are calibrated to detect at levels which are indicative of recent use however this is heavily debated since many users report returning positive on the drugwipe / drager without using for days and in some cases, weeks.

The list below will give you tips on how best to successfully pass a mobile drug test in Australia.

1) Abstain from any drug use for at least 24 hours, no drugs = no positives.

2) Maintain excellent oral hygiene, brush teeth regularly, use mouthwash, floss and repeat.

3) Drink water regularly

4) Vitamin C has been shown to increase saliva excretion, combine this with drinking lots of water!

5) Use a specialised mouthwash or gum, these are designed to reduce drug residue in saliva.

Purchase yourself a drug testing kit, test yourself to preliminary ensure that you will pass another drug test. Remember the polcie tests are sensitive to even the smallest amount of drugs so use the steps above, test yourself and ensure that you are never under the effects of drugs before you step behind the wheel.

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